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Arrakis DARC-VIRT-4A

Virtual Broadcast Console - Software, SIMPLE-IP Analog, 4CH



Meet DARC, an intuitive, powerful Dante Virtual Console. It is a powerful mixing console that runs virtualized in a PC environment. Designed to be easy to setup, and use, yet flexible and powerful for your needs today, and tomorrow. The DARC Virtual Console can be ran as a stand alone unit, or in conjunction with an AoIP network with multiple studios. It will control any Dante enabled audio device on your LAN, whether it is a source connected to our Simple IP units, or any Dante device such as the Dante AVIO.

Main Features:
• Touch Screen compatible. The DARC Virtual Console is touch screen compatible, and will work with any Windows based hardware.
• Configurable. The power of the DARC software, is that you can choose how many input channels & faders to have control over. The software lets you choose between 4, 8, 12 or 16 inputs. This means you can start small, and then grow your operation at any time without having to buy a new board.
• Control any Dante audio source. DARC lets you control any Dante audio inputs or outputs on your LAN. Simply select the inputs and outputs via the Dante Controller.
• Manage channel labels programmatically. Name an input channel a ‘Mic’ and the channel reconfigures the console for muting, phone talkback, and more. Name a channel a phone and it is automatically reconfigured to have a mix minus bus. Save a Preset for your on air shift, and load it when it is time to go on air.
• Remote Control. As a Windows based software, you may use any 3rd party remote access software, such as GoToMyPC, LogMeIn & more. Access your studio anywhere in the world, using the latest and most secure software in the world.

**What's Included:
• DARC Virtual Console software license
• Qty 1 Simple IP (8A)

3 Types of Software Channels:
 • 1 to 16 Mic channels: Your choice, your configuration. Simply connect your mics to the Simple IP inputs. Each Simple IP box allows you to connect up to 4 mic channels. Channels are software assignable.
 • Mic Pre Needed: Simple IP are all high level stereo inputs. Mic channels require an external mic preamp with mono to stereo wiring.
 • Mic Monitor Mute: Mic channels will automatically mute the monitor output when activated
Stereo Line:
 • 1 to 16 Inputs: Software assignable line inputs. Simply connect your audio source outputs to the Simple IP inputs. Each Simple IP box allows you to connect up to 4 Stereo Line inputs.
 • Analog or Digital: Choose to use either analog RJ45 inputs with the Simple-IP-8A or Digital XLR AES3 inputs with the SImple-IP-8D.
 • +4dBu or -10dBu analog inputs: Simple-IP-8A is jumper selectable between balanced +4dBu and unbalanced -10dBu inputs.
 • Phone channel: Within the DARC software, choose to assign one of your I/O on the Simple IP to a phone mix-minus to connect to your phone hybrid.
 • Mix-Minus: Once a channel has been assigned as a Phone channel in the software, it will configure to audio to work with your phone hybrid.
 • Talkback: With the Phone channel setup, the first mic channel will have a Talkback function that allows you to talk to the caller off line.

**PC not included in purchase

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