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8 Fader DMX Frame Console with Mix Engine


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With DMX, PR&E ventures into modern territory - AoIP networking.

Utilizing a WheatNet-IP protocol-based network and engine, the DMX is the first PR&E console to offer AoIP networking and expansion. This means that you get the speed and flexibility to have a complete, self-contained setup, and the ability to add-on, without the need for an external switch.

PR&E Mix Engine uses RJ45 connectors for all audio (StudioHub+ format), logic (WheatNet-IP-format), and network connections, except for the 2 mic preamp inputs (XLR).

Connections include Mic Preamps Out; 4 stereo/dual mono analog inputs; 4 stereo/dual mono digital inputs; four stereo Program outputs (both analog and digital); 4 stereo analog Monitor outputs (Control Room, Studio, Cue, and operator headphones); 6-port logic GPIO; Engine Ethernet port; 5-Port Ethernet switch to network the Surface, Engine, and three additional devices.

With two sizes of control surface (8- or 16-channel) available, DMX puts a lot of radio control into a very small footprint – everything you need to take it to the air.

DMX utilizes WheatNet-IP protocol to access, control, and process any and all audio sources on the network. Each of the Razor I/O Interfaces pictured above provides you with 8 analog, digital, or analog/digital inputs and outputs, as well as logic and Ethernet connections on RJ45 connectors.

DMX-8 Includes:
• 8 Input Faders
• 1 Control Room Monitor Control
• 1 Studio Monitor Control
• 1 DMX User Manual
• 1 DMX Configuration Software
• 1 PR&E Mix Engine - with 8 mono (4 stereo) analog line inputs, 2 mic pre's (patchable to 2 analog line inputs), 4 AES inputs, 4 AES outputs, Cue and headphone outputs, 12 programmable logic ports, and 5-port gigabit switch.

Main Features:

• Standalone production or on-air console with local inputs and outputs
• 5-port Ethernet switch built into PR&E Mix Engine - no need for an external switch
• Control surface sizes for 8-, 16-fader channels
• WheatNet-IP protocol with 1Gb connectivity - any source to any fader
• Bus Minus (N-1) on each input channel
• Four program output busses
• Four event buttons for recalling entire console setups at the touch of a button
• Control room, studio, and headphone jack (with built-in amplifier w/level control)
• Full EQ functions (4-band parametric with high/low pass and high/low shelving) and full dynamics (compression, limiting, and expansion) on every channel • Multi-function channel-encoder knob with OLED display on each channel for control of EQ, dynamics, sources, pan, mode, and more
• Talkback and cue functions
• Built-in timer
• Six logic GP I/O ports for network control
• PR&E Mix Engine is configured: 2 mic inputs on XLRs, with all additional I/O on RJ-45 connectors: 4 analog inputs, 4 digital inputs, 4 analog outputs, 4 digital outputs, 2 analog mic outputs, Headphone output, Cue output, Studio output, and Control Room output. There are also 5 ethernet ports that will interface directly with optional I/O Razor Interfaces, and a 1 Gb ethernet port for networking.
• Optional Razor I/O Interfaces can expand the system I/O with 8 stereo or 16 mono in and/or out; available in analog, digital or analog/digital version

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