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Audemat HQSOUND Processor FM1

HQSound Audio Processor - 1 Band Version


Audemat HQSOUND Processor FM1
The HQSound Processor is the first HQSound audio processor with a sampling rate of up to 192 kHz for the main process and 1.5 MHz for the final limiter. It can be used to process audio for FM and digital broadcasting such as HD/DAB and Internet streaming. Using the latest multi-band DSP technology, the HQSound Processor provides up to 2.8 gigaflops of processing power and less than 6 ms delay. Three different processing versions are available with the HQSound Processor and these can be activated by installing a software upgrade key.

HQSound 1 band version:

1 band version is ideal for those who want to use an external audio processor. With a powerful AGC and 1.5 MHz Final Limiter, it is the ideal choice to finalize the audio with maximum fidelity. HQSound 2 band version:

As a main audio processor for soft and medium formats (Classical, Voice, Jazz…) As a secondary processor to finalize the audio at each transmitter site (i.e. after pre-processing at the studio) HQSound 4 band version:

As a main audio processor for all formats For radio station needing loudness: The sound that competes with the best processors on the market (Omnia6, Orban8500...)

*Sound4 HQSound: Our customers say this is the most incredible dynamic processing engine ever made… Why does HQ Sound give such good results? The results of our extensive tests prove that HQSound, the new algorithm engine specifically developed for our range of products, offers on average 20 times more power than those commonly used in competitors’ products. So, with 4 bands and no other peripherals in front or behind it, HQSound can rival and even surpass processing chains made up of several processors in series. AUTOMATIC GAIN CONTROL

Using predictive techniques, the AGC is based on complex algorithms that correct large level variations without any pumping effect. It maintains a constant audio level on the air. The wideband approach keeps the balance between frequencies. Silence gating prevents unnecessary volume changes and improves processing quality.

TONE FX A 4-band parametric equalizer in both the 2 band and 4 band audio processors enables the creation of specific sonic signatures. For each band it allows the creation of specific sonic signatures thanks to its 4-band parametric equalizer. For each band it is possible to configure the frequency, the gain and the filter quality. This level of precision is extremely useful for bass enhancement. You can also increase high and low frequencies dynamically thanks to the Bass FX and Treble FX.

STEREO FX Enhance the stereo effect of your signal with perfect control. Stereo enhancement used to be a source of reception issues such as multi-path. The HQSound Processor includes a specific limiter to insure reception stability.

MULTI-BAND PROCESSOR The HQSound Processor uses a unique algorithm that controls the gain for each band. You can easily control how the HQSound Processor will process your sound and each band can be separately gated. A ‘fidelity’ parameter enables you to control how close to the original sound you’d like to remain (Purist/Processed). The HQSound Processor also offers the Sound Impact System, a revolutionary algorithm that preserves dynamic and peak attack perception.

MULTI-BAND LIMITERS The HQSound Processor contains advanced multiband limiters. Its look ahead function guarantees perfect peak control without the drawbacks typically found in other limiters. A mix function enables control of the balance between the bands.

FINAL LIMITERS Previously the best clippers on the market were running at a sampling rate of 768 kHz. The HQSound Processor a revolutionary FM Limiter that samples at 1.5 MHz. This level of quality and control has never been reached before. You can precisely control high frequency energy with the HF limiter and an HD limiter can be used at the same time to process high quality digital radio (HD /DAB / DRM).

PRESET MANAGEMENT The HQSound Processor has many factory presets designed for every format. The unit keeps a complete preset history, so you will never lose an existing configuration. Presets can be password protected to ensure that your selected audio settings are only ever changed by those you can trust.

Main Features:

• HQSound Processing
• Gated Automatic Gain Control
• 4 Parametric Equalizers Audemat digiplexer
• Dynamic Bass and Trebble Enhancers
• Stereo Enhancer and Limiter
• Multiband compression
• Multiband Gating and Expander
• Sound Impact System
• Multiband Limiters
• 1.5MHz FM limiter
• Virtual MPX Limiter
• Simultaneous HD Limiter
• MPX Power Limiter (ITU412-BS)

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