Omnia.9 FM
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Omnia.9 FM

Multi Band FM/AM Audio Processor (2001-00377)


Omnia.9 FM
The Omnia.9 FM processor boasts simultaneous separate processing cores for FM and Optional HD, delivering superb audio punch, power and clarity in a 3-RU rack unit. Among its many features is exclusive “Undo” technology, a source declipping algorithm and program-adaptive multiband expander that removes distortion from source material, correcting over-processed CDs, so common in today's contemporary music.

Main Features:
• Simultaneous separate processing cores for FM and (Optional) HD1, HD2 and HD3.
• Each processing core is separately fully adjustable and has selectable 4, 5, 6 or 7 bands
• Psychoacoustic Composite Embedder allows up to 140% audio peaks in stereo at 100% total modulation.
• Contains exclusive “Undo” technology, a source declipping algorithm and program-adaptive multiband expander which removes distortion from source material. This corrects over-processed CDs, so common in today’s contemporary music.
• Multiband downward expansion (source noise reduction)
• 3-stage wideband AGC with adjustable sidechain equalization
• Program-dependent multiband compression
• Multiband look-ahead limiting
• Adjustable dynamic bass clipping (future feature)
• Selectable phase linear high pass filter, 15, 30 or 45 Hz
• (For Digital) Two-band final look-ahead limiting
• Selectable phase linear (high latency) or low latency (talent air monitoring capable) modes
• Fully automatic program-dependent declipper and multiband expander for damaged content such as loud CDs
• Optional streaming encoding built in for Primary Digital (HD) and Secondary (HD2) and Tertiary (HD3). Supports encoding to MP3 (Mpeg-1 Layer 3), MP2 (Mpeg-1 Layer 2), AAC, HE-AAC (including RTSP/3G for streaming to mobile phones), Ogg Vorbis, WMA and WMA Pro.
• 7 inch front panel touch screen
• Full remote control.
• On-screen keyboard with several layouts (QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, Dvorak and ABC sequential) for easy setup and preset name typing
• Optional RDS encoder, dynamically updateable
• Selectable SSB (Single Sideband) stereo encoder
• HTTP push support for automation, such as dynamic RDS and streaming song titles, preset recall
• Dayparting (scheduled preset selection) (future feature)
• Studio Output with very low latency for talent monitoring
• Dual independent power supplies
• Composite pass-through (relay bypass) for your backup processor

Omnia.9 V3.15 Software Update Includes:
• Basic/Intermediate Adjustment Levels – A big GUI improvement allows most common processing adjustments to be accomplished with a handful of controls.
• Omnia.9.jpgPreset Tags – Provide presets categorization and include description/author attribution.
• Solar Plexus – Includes an adaptive feature that only implements Solar Plexus when the music demands it. It also offers the ability to set the input cut-off frequency so that things like low voice and piano don’t trigger Solar Plexus.
• Multiband Compressors – More crayons in the creative toolbox for the multiband section.
• New Presets – Some of which make use of Solar Plexus and the new multiband compressors.
• Input L/R Balance – Allows fixed manual left/right offset at input for sources that are not properly channel-balanced coming into the processor.
• Speech Detection Improvements – These ensure spoken lyrics in music (such as rap) are not mistaken for true speech.
• RDS Enhancements – RDS generator now works more closely with Auto Pilot values to change music/speech and mono/stereo values in RDS data signal; RDS level separately adjustable for mono/stereo when Auto Pilot is enabled.
• Improved FM Clipper – “HF Priority” control added for significantly cleaner highs when pushed for loudness.
• HTTP Preset Upload/Download – Now possible to upload/download presets via HTTP server.
• Task Scripts Added – “Build your own GPI” and trigger any settings changes that you can manually adjust with a GPI instead.
• Pre-final Insert Point for AM – It's now possible to use insert point for watermark encoder/Voltair with AM.
• FM “HD Output” Path Created – Share all processing between FM and HD right up to the final clipper/limiter, which allows a single ratings encoder to be used for both FM and HD-1; new Output Delay controls added for per-output adjustment in this mode.

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