Omnia ONE AM
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Omnia ONE AM

AM Digital On-Air Processor (2001-00219)


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Omnia ONE AM boasts the latest advances in DSP hardware and manufacturing techniques for full 4-band AM processing to bring major-market sound to any size AM station.

It features a wideband AGC/leveler followed by four bands of AGC and a separate (not integrated) four-band limiter section with shared precision linear crossover. It also includes an advanced, NRSC compliant, distortion-managed final limiter/clipper with selectable Low Pass filters that support AM HD transmission installations – the same as used in the Omnia ONE's bigger siblings.

Main Features:
• Ethernet, RS-232 Modem and GPI remote control ports with built-in Web page interface
• Livewire I/O Connectivity now available
• Analog XLR balanced inputs and outputs
• Digital AES/EBU input, output and external Sync input
• Automatic input fail-over on loss of audio
• Universal power input
• Built-in stereo headphone jack with front-panel level control
• Single jog-wheel user interface with LED level metering and LCD screen
• Web browser remote interface
• Wideband AGC for smooth “hand on the pot” gain riding
• Selectable phase rotator
• Four-band AGC to add dynamic EQ enhancement for consistency and to build density before the limiter stages
• Four-band peak limiter using feedback limiters for the lower two bands (optimized for bass punch and lower midrange warmth) and feed-forward limiters for the upper two bands (optimized for sparkling upper mids and highs)
• Time-aligned, dynamically flat crossover
• Advanced, NRSC pre-emphasized, fully distortion-controlled final limiter/clipper
• Selectable low-pass filters suitable for NRSC, HD AM or any ITU installation

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