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Orban Optimod 8600SI

Optimod-FM HD Audio Processor with RDS/RBDS


Orban Optimod 8600SI
Orban Optimod 8600SIOrban Optimod 8600SI
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Optimod-FM 8600 was a hit as soon as it was introduced. Compared to Orban’s previous flagship, the 8600’s dramatically improved “MX” peak limiter technology decreased distortion while increasing transient punch and high frequency power handling capacity. A significant number of broadcasters have asked us to make the 8600’s sound available in a compact package at a lower price. Orban’s response is the 8600Si, which offers 8600-class sound in a single rack unit. An efficient, switching power supply ensures that the 8600Si runs cool even in a crowded rack. The 8600Si includes simultaneous processing for FM and for digital transmissions like netcasts, DAB+ and HD Radio.

The 8600Si provides stereo enhancement, equalization, AGC, multiband compression, low-IM peak l imiting, stereo encoding, and composite limiting - everything that even the most competitive major market station needs to stand out on the dial. More than 20 excellent sounding, format specific factory presets get you started. You'll find all of your favorite 8500 presets, plus the 8600 "MX" presets designed by Bob Orban and Greg Ogonowski to exploit the exciting possibilities inherent in the 8600Si's peak limiter technology. Although the factory presets are fully competent "out of the box”. You can customize them with easy one-knob LESS-MORE control. Full Control gives you the versatility to customize your audio further. Orban’s Quick setup, which is a guided sequence of screens through the 8600Si‘s setup, is the easiest way to have your station On Air quickly. Dramatically improved peak limiter technology decreases distortion while increasing transient punch and high frequency power handling capacity. Compared to the FM-channel peak limiter in OPTIMOD-FM 8500, to 3 dB more power at high frequencies, which minimizes audible HF loss caused by pre-emphasis limiting. Drums and percussion cut through the mix. Highs are airy. "Problem material" that used to cause audible distortion is handled cleanly.

The 8600Si’s HD (“Digital Radio”) output is designed to feed streaming, netcasting, and digital satellite or cable radio channels, which can be Eureka 147, DRM, DAB+ or the iBiquity® HD Radio system. The equalizer and five-band compressor/limiter in the digital processing chain have their own sets of user-adjustable audio controls that are independent of the controls in the FM analog transmission chain’s equalizer and five-band compressor/limiter. The bottom line? Processing that optimizes the sound of your FM channel while punching remarkably crisp, clean, CD-like audio through to your digital channel audience.

The 8600Si has an internal, DSP-based stereo encoder (with a patented “half- cosine interpolation” composite limiter operating at 512 kHz sample rate) to generate the pilot tone stereo baseband signal and control its peak level. The composite limiter is a unique, “you can only do this in DSP” process that beats composite clippers by preserving stereo imaging while fully protecting the stereo pilot tone, RDS/RBDS, and subcarriers. For our European customers, a second generation ITU BS 412 multiplex power controller yields the best possible coverage while flawlessly complying with the standard. You can adjust it to maximize loudness within the constraints of the BS 412 standard or to produce less gain change at the expense of slightly lower loudness. The 8600Si has the ability to apply MPX power gain reduction after the clippers so that the texture of the processing can include more "clipper sound" when desired. Regardless of how you adjust the multiplex power controller, you can be sure that you will always meet the BS 412 requirements flawlessly.

Main Features
• FM analog and HD/digital Radio
• Low-Delay Headphone Monitor Output
• ITU-R BS.1770-4 Loudness Meter and Safety Limiter
• Six Processing Structures
• Multiplex Power Limiter
• Two Outputs with Independent Level Controls
• LCD and Full-Time LED Meters
• DSP-Based Stereo Encoder with a Dual-Mode Composite Limiter
• “True Peak” Control
• Anti-Aliased Clippers
• Analog & AES3 Digital I/O
• Ratings Encoder Loop-Through
• RDS/RBDS Generator
• Wordclock/10 MHz Sync Reference Input
• Remote Control
• Diversity Delay
• Silence Alarm & Digital Audio Fault Tally
• Real-Time Clock
• Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

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