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Orban Optimod 8685 Surround Sound TV Processor

Optimod-TV 8685 Surround Sound TV Processor

BSW PART: 8685

Orban Optimod 8685 Surround Sound TV Processor
Orban Optimod 8685 Surround Sound TV ProcessorOrban Optimod 8685 Surround Sound TV Processor
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The Orban 8685 provides the function and control necessary for up to eight channels simultaneously and features OPTIMOD-quality two-band and five-band audio processing for surround sound broadcasting and netcasting. Thanks to versatile compression ratio controls and a mastering-quality look-ahead peak limiter, the 8685 is also ideal for mastering audio in broadcast productions as well as productions intended for media such as DVD and Blu-ray.

The 8685 starts with the technology of Orban's popular OPTIMOD 6300 and takes it to the next level with surround processing that reflects the latest psychoacoustic research into loudness perception. The 8685's CBS Loudness Controller works in both two-band and five-band modes. Third generation improvements reduce annoyance better than simple loudness control alone, doing so without audible gain pumping.

The 8685 is two processors in one, offering surround processing for either 7.1 channels or 5.1 channels plus an independent 2.0 channel processor (equivalent to OPTIMOD 6300 processing) that can operate stand-alone with its own CBS Loudness Controller. Additionally, the 2.0 processor's output can be mixed into the left and right front channels of the surround processing so that the surround processing's Loudness Controller and look-ahead limiters control the loudness and peak level of the mix. Built-in CBS Loudness Meters indicate the subjective loudness of the surround and 2.0 channel processing.

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