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Orban Optimod 9400 AM

Optimod-AM 9400 Digital Processor for AM

BSW PART: 9400

Orban Optimod 9400 AMIn Stock
Orban Optimod 9400 AMOrban Optimod 9400 AM
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Orban has forever changed the sound of radio with its rich lineage of Optimod processors. The Optimod-AM Model 9400 is no exception. This next generation combines processors for both AM Analog and AM HD into one inexpensive 2 RU box. The AM analog section is stereo and can be used to replace the 9100B (the 9400 fully protects CQUAM transmissions). Both the AM analog and HD processors can be set up independently – the only common processing elements are the AGC and stereo enhancement. The 9400 uses Orban's new PC remote control GUI and features a built-in Ethernet connection, analog and AES3 digital inputs and includes two sets of analog stereo outputs and two AES3 outputs to accommodate as many as four transmitters. Outputs can be switched independently to emit the analog-channel signal, the digital-channel signal, or a low-delay monitor signal suitable for talent headphones. This is IT!
Main Features:
•The 9400 is suitable for long wave, medium wave, and shortwave (HF) broadcasts.
•OPTIMOD-AM rides gain over an adjustable range of up to 25dB, compressing dynamic range and compensating for operator gain-riding errors and for gain inconsistencies in automated systems.
•OPTIMOD-AM increases the density and loudness of the program material by multiband limiting and multiband distortion-canceling clipping, improving the consistency of the station’s sound and increasing loudness and definition without producing audible side effects.
•OPTIMOD-AM precisely controls peak levels to prevent overmodulation. Asymmetry in the analog processing channel is adjustable from 100% to 150% positive peak modulation.
•OPTIMOD-AM compensates for the high- and low-frequency rolloffs of typical AM receivers with a fully adjustable program equalizer providing up to 20dB of high-frequency boost (at 5 kHz) without producing the side effects encountered in conventional processors. This equalizer can thus produce extreme pre-emphasis that is appropriate for very narrow-band radios. OPTIMOD-AM’s fully parametric low- and mid-frequency equalizers allow you to tailor your air sound to your precise requirements and desires. OPTIMOD-AM also fully supports the NRSC standard pre-emphasis curve.
•OPTIMOD-AM is a stereo processor that fully protects CQUAM® transmissions, conservatively complying with Motorola’s processing requirements that negative peak modulation on the left and right channels be limited to –75% modulation.
•OPTIMOD-AM supports the iBiquity HD-AM® system. Except for common stereo enhancement and AGC , the HD-AM processor is an independent processing chain with its own set of user-adjustable parameters, maintaining 15 kHz audio bandwidth (per iBiquity’s specifications) regardless of the bandwidth setting of the processing intended for the analog channel. To ensure source-to-source consistency, the HD-AM processing includes full five-band compression/limiting that is independent of the five-band compression/limiting in the analog processing chain. This output can also be used for netcasts. The HD chain can effectively pre-process for low bit rate codecs, minimizing high frequency artifacts that can give the audio a watery, "phasey" quality. 
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