Andrew H5MB-014
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Andrew H5MB-014

7/8" EIA Flange, Gas Barrier For 7/8"


7/8 in EIA Male Flange with gas barrier for 7/8 in HJ550 air dielectric

 General Specifications 
Interface 7/8 in EIA Male Flange
Body  Style Straight
Brand  HELIAX®
Gas Barrier  Yes
Mounting  Angle Straight
Electrical Specifications 
Connector Impedance  50 ohm
Operating Frequency Band  0 – 5200 MHz
Cable Impedance  50 ohm
RF Operating Voltage, maximum (vrms)  2121.00 V
dc Test Voltage  6 kV
Insulation Resistance, minimum  5000 MOhm
Average Power  3.5 kW @ 900 MHz
Peak Power, maximum  90.00 kW
Insertion Loss,  typical 0.05 dB
Mechanical Specifications
Outer Contact Attachment Method  Tabflare
Inner Contact Attachment Method  Selftapping
Outer Contact Plating  Unplated
Inner Contact Plating  Silver

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