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JK Audio BlueKeeper

Wireless Audio Gateway


JK Audio BlueKeeperIn Stock
JK Audio BlueKeeperJK Audio BlueKeeper
The JK Audio BlueKeeper wireless audio gateway combines Bluetooth wireless technology with professional audio electronics in a convenient desktop design.

BlueKeeper pairs to your cell phone like a Bluetooth wireless headset. Its professional microphone preamplifier provides a dramatic improvement in sound quality to the caller (or back to the station if you are away from the studio). The caller audio comes in loud and clear over the front panel headphone jack.

For recording interviews, BlueKeeper allows you to send mic and line level signals into your wireless phone while maintaining excellent separation between your voice and the caller. The stereo output jack on the back of the unit provides your voice on one channel (in full fidelity) and the caller's voice on the other channel. Connect this jack to your sound card or recorder. The balanced XLR output jack contains only the caller's voice. Connect to your mixing console or even to a PA system for everyone to hear.

BlueKeeper's 3.5 mm stereo line input jack allows recordings to be sent into your Bluetooth device. The 3.5 mm stereo line output jack provides your full bandwidth send mix on the left channel and Bluetooth caller audio on the right channel. The headphone output gives you a mix of the XLR input, 3.5 mm input, and Bluetooth audio. This same overall mix is also provided on a 3.5 mm mono mic level output jack. This output is perfect for connection to the mic input jack on voice recorders or notebook computers. Your voice will remain in full bandwidth high fidelity while the caller's voice sounds as best it can from a mobile phone.

BlueKeeper also pairs to Bluetooth equipped sound cards and music players in full bandwidth stereo A2DP mode.

JK Audio BlueKeeper Features:
• Bluetooth Wireless Technology
• XLR input (mic / line switch)
• XLR Caller Output
• 3.5 mm stereo line input
• 3.5 mm stereo line output
• 3.5 mm mono mic level output
• Headphone jack, 3.5mm stereo, mixed send and caller
• Send and Caller signal level LEDs

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