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Angry Audio Bi-Directional Balancing Gadget

Two IHF inputs and outputs, two PRO inputs and outputs


Angry Audio Bi-Directional Balancing GadgetIn Stock
Angry Audio Bi-Directional Balancing GadgetAngry Audio Bi-Directional Balancing GadgetAngry Audio Bi-Directional Balancing Gadget
Professional applications use balanced audio for good reason. Balanced circuits offer many performance advantages compared to unbalanced audio, such as increased headroom and reduced noise from radiation and ground differentials. Sometimes, though, unbalanced devices are unavoidable. The Balancing Gadgets were made for those times.

All three Balancing Gadgets options feature an internal low-noise linear power supply, direct coupled transformerless analog circuitry and our exclusive input design that suppresses common mode noise. The result is the most sonically-transparent devices available. Never any buzz, hum, hiss or RFI — just pure, clean sound, even with long unbalanced cables or a ground loop between the gadget and the source.

Converts one stereo pair from unbalanced to balanced and another stereo pair from balanced to unbalanced. Perfect for a recording device or a computer sound-card. All unbalanced and balanced signals are on RCA/Phono jacks and XLR connectors, respectively. Plenty of gain in the unlocked position means even low-level computer sound-cards are no problem.

Main Features:

• The Bidirectional Balancing Gadget converts stereo unbalanced “consumer” audio to professional balanced audio. It also converts stereo pro-audio to “consumer” unbalanced audio.
• Innovative input circuitry extracts clean audio while eliminating noise from ground loops and external sources
 • Direct-coupled circuitry delivers the cleanest, most transparent sound.
• Lock for fixed gain +4dBu balanced audio is converted to -10dBV outputs
• When unlocked, gain can be adjusted via the sealed multiturn trimpots
• In the locked position, -10dBV source produces +4dBu outputs.
• Rugged powder-coated steel chassis
• All gadgets are guaranteed to reject RF interference.
• DC “servo” error correction keeps offset out while preserving the purity of DC coupled circuitry
• Every component is carefully selected for performance and long life.
• Ultra high CMRR inputs keep even digital noise out of your audio. Internal power supply.
• Available in 120V and 240V versions.

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