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BeyerDynamic MCE85-PV-BSTOCK

Condenser shotgun microphone for phantom power, w/wind shield, mic clamp and bag, cable not included


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BeyerDynamic MCE85-PV-BSTOCK Figure 1Developed for professional indoor and outdoor audio recordings, the MCE 85 PV combines superior quality and excellent polar patterns in a rugged yet lightweight aluminum housing.

The MCE 85 PV can be mounted to film cameras, DSLR cameras, digital camcorders or in combination with a microphone boom or as a handheld for high-quality recordings.

Thanks to the super cardioid / lobe polar pattern the MCE 85 PV can be used to record a sound source very precisely without disturbing ambient noise. A high-quality electret condenser microphone capsule inside the shotgun microphone ensures exceptionally precise sound reproduction. The included low cut filter can be switched on and off. It eliminates low frequencies and compensates for mechanical vibrations and proximity effect..

The MCE 85 PV can be powered from any balanced phantom source.

Main Features:
• Maximum Attenuation of Ambient Noise
• Exceptionally precise recordings even in loud environments
• Low Cut Filter
• Smart Design

Supplied Accessories:
• Mic clamp (MKV 108)
• Wind shield
• Bag

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