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Audio-Pod without Pre-Amp


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The AudioPod from DM Engineering is a microphone On-Off controller with stereo headphone amplifier. It is the ideal solution for remote broadcasts, talk studio applications, or whenever you just need from one to four mic/headphone stations. Choose from two AudioPod models (with or without a microphone preamp). There are also mounting options (sold separately) and a power supply (required, sold separately).

This model: AUDIOPOD, is without the microphone preamp. A 10-foot power supply cable and trimpot adjustment tool are included.

The AudioPod system may be configured with up to four AudioPod modules and a power supply. One power supply will power up to four AudioPod modules, and any combination of AudioPod module types or options may be combined using the same power supply.

The microprocessor controlled Mic ON-OFF control portion includes the following features:
• Large LED differentially lighted Mic-On and Mic-Off long life push buttons
• Cough-mute function integrated with Mic-On button (Operational with local control mode enabled only)
• Local Mic On-Off feature may be disabled and controlled remotely
• Remote control of Mic On-Off function with a logic low or contact closure may be accomplished with either local control enabled or disabled
• LED Mic On status indication on the top of the enclosure for status check by control room operator or others (front panel button version only)
• XLR connectors for Mic in and out (balanced) as well as Eurostyle screw terminal termination of Mic out connection
• Solid State Relay output drive voltage provided, continuous to drive a DME Solid State Relay Pack or customers own solid state relay for ON-AIR lamps or for external LED indicator (multiple Audio-Pod SSR outputs may be connected in parallel to operate one SSR in the constant SSR output mode only)

The integrated stereo headphone amplifier section includes the following features:
• Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) circuitry employed (no “dirty” pots)
• Rear panel high/low impedance headphone switch covering the range from 8 to 400 ohm headsets
• Rear panel output phase switch (0/180 degrees) to address bone conduction cancellation issues often experienced by users
• ESD protected 1/4" and 3.5 mm stereo headphone output jacks on the front panel
• Rear panel "maximum headphone gain set" control to restrict the maximum headset output to prevent possible hearing damage and liability issue avoidance
• Single ended L&R inputs on Eurostyle screw terminal connectors and rear panel 3.5 mm stereo jack for quick connect and disconnect
• Precision metal film resistors used throughout the audio chain for low noise

Table-top brackets for mounting the Audio-Pod module at an angle, and flush mounting bezels are also available for recessed mounting of the Audio-Pod modules. See accessories at right.

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