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Inovonics INOmini 634-BSTOCK

INOmini AM Broadcast Monitor B Stock


Inovonics INOmini 634 B-StockIn Stock
Inovonics INOmini 634 B-StockInovonics INOmini 634 B-Stock
Get a great price on this factory Bstock unit from Inovonics. Inspected and repackaged at the factory and carries Inovonics 3 year Warranty!

The INOmini 634 is a professional medium-wave AM receiver for broadcast program reception and monitoring. It may be used as a ‘confidence monitor’ or as an off-air feed for program distribution in a broadcast facility, and a user-programmable bandwidth utility delivers either high quality or restricted-response audio.

The INOmini 634 tunes both western-hemisphere (10kHz-spaced) and European (9kHz-spaced) broadcast frequencies, providing balanced analog and digital audio outputs along with important local alarm ‘tallies’.

Main Features:
• Sensitive DSP-based receiver.
• Balanced analog and AES-digital program line outputs.
• Easy setup using the LCD screen and jog-wheel navigation of the receiver’s menu tree.
• Front-panel alarms with rear-panel ‘tallies’ for Carrier Loss and Audio Program Loss.
• Non-volatile memory for all receiver setup parameters.
• Analog L/R and AES-digital program line outputs.


• Tuning Range: 520kHz – 1710kHz in 10kHz steps, or 531kHz – 1611kHz in 9kHz steps
• Antenna Input: High impedance (whip antenna) input (F), phantom-powered for optional active outdoor antenna
• Receiver Sensitivity: ≤ 10μV for 50dB S/N
• IF Bandwidth: Selectable at 6kHz, 4kHz, 3kHz, 2kHz; see graph on Page 12
• Audio Frequency Response: 50Hz – 6kHz at full bandwidth
• De-Emphasis: NRSC (ʻtruncatedʼ 75μs) or OFF
• Program Audio Output(s): +4dBu balanced “dual monaural” Analog Left and Right, (XLR), 200-ohm source impedance; AES Digital (XLR), 44.1kHz sampling rate; Front-Panel Headphone Jack (3.5mm TRS)
• Alarm Tallies: Individual open-collector NPN transistor outputs for Carrier Loss and Audio Loss
• Power Requirement: 12VDC at 140mA. A ʻwall-outlet transformerʼ switching-type power supply appropriate to the destination AC mains voltage is provided.
• Mounting Options: An optional rack adapter accepts up to three INOmini modules in a 1U, 19-inch rack space, or the 634 may easily be fastened to any convenient surface with two small screws.
• Size and Weight: 1.6”H x 5.5”W x 5.5”D; 4 lbs. shipping weight.

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