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OC White ProBoom Black B-Stock

Studio Mic Boom w/ 12" Riser - Black B Stock


OC White ProBoom Black B-StockIn Stock
ProBoom is our best-selling deskmount studio mic boom! This sturdy 41" arm comes complete with a 12" riser for table-top mounting and two sets of upper springs to accommodate microphones of all weights and sizes. It requires no maintenance and has a lifetime manufacturer warranty!

With the stock springs, Proboom will support a handheld mic (SM58-type) up to about 1.25 pounds. With one heavy duty spring and regular spring, Proboom will support a broadcast studio mic (SM7B, RE20 w/309A shock mount), up to about 2.25 pounds. With two heavy duty springs, Proboom will support up to 3.75 pounds.

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