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Sound Devices MIXPRE-6M-BSTOCK

4 XLR/TRS Combo input 8-track audio recorder BSTOCK


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Meticulously engineered to offer extreme flexibility and sound quality, the versatile M-Series sets a new standard for what’s possible from an audio recorder. The M-Series models feature Sound Devices’ world-class Kashmir™ mic preamps and ultra-low-noise A-to-D architecture—offering the tone and warmth of analog recordings desired by all musicians and audiophiles.

Main Features:
• Exceptional audio quality – featuring ultra-low-noise Kashmir mic preamps (four in the MixPre-6M, three in the MixPre-3M) handcrafted by Sound Devices. These preamps feature discrete, Class-A components with analog limiters offering musicians and songwriters the highest quality, distortion-free, musically-lush audio recordings.
• Song creation – the MixPre M-Series has the ability to simultaneously record, playback, mix, monitor, layer, and overdub up to 12 tracks, with the bounce feature helping to free up additional tracks. The MixPre-6M can record up to four tracks simultaneously, while the MixPre-3M can record up to three. Other features include vintage reverb and vocal air effects, metronome, punch in and out, and the ability to locate to cue points.
• Multi-track USB audio interfaces – stream up to eight tracks (MixPre-6M) and five tracks (MixPre-3M) of audio for a Mac or Windows computer at up to 96k. They also feature the unique ability to simultaneously record to an SD card while streaming audio via USB.
• Mixer for live performance – feeds directly into a PA and adjust levels, or playback pre-prepared multi-channel backing tracks for solo performers.
• Easy file sharing – musicians can export their mix to an SD card or to a computer as a stereo WAV or AAC file, ideal for emailing or uploading to music sharing platforms.
• Anytime, anywhere powering – featuring convenient detachable sleds for AA batteries (four or eight) or hot-swappable Li-Ion batteries sleds. The MixPre-3M and MixPre-6M recorders can also be powered via USB-C from a computer or included MX-PSU power adapter.
• Versatile I/O routing – the MixPre-3M offers three XLR balanced Mic/Line level inputs. The MixPre-6M has four balanced XLR/TRS combo Mic/Line level inputs. Each input provides 96dB of gain, 48v phantom power, low cut filters and limiters. Additionally, both recorders have a 3.5mm 2-channel Aux/Mic input, USB inputs from a MAC or PC (two for the 3M, four for the 6M), and a 3.5mm stereo output.

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