Wheatstone IP88D Refurb
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Wheatstone IP88D Refurb

WheatNet-IP Digital I/O Blade (ip88d) - Refurbished


Wheatstone IP88D RefurbIn Stock
Wheatstone is famous, first and foremost, for their audio consoles. And for the last many years, Wheatstone is also known as the premier innovator of networkable audio systems for broadcast facilities. Now WheatNet-IP provides a reliable, easy-to-use audio-over-Ethernet routing/control system. Rock-solid DSP-based hardware delivers performance you can depend on - there's no PC motherboard inside! Great packages (with an E4 console surface) start at just over $15K list price, and are infinitely scalable. This is so much smarter than any other IP-based console system on the market.

WheatNet-IP (formerly E2) is comprised of four models – three handle I/O in various configurations and one is a digital mix engine (plus your choice of console surfaces). All models are linkable units that communicate with each other via a single CAT 5E/6 over Gigabit protocol (1000/baseT) using standard layer 3 Ethernet switches, and all are designed to interface seamlessly with Wheatstone's existing Evolution series audio control surfaces, control panels, most of the popular automation systems, and streaming audio. In fact, with Wheatstone's AoIP driver installed in your automation system computers, you can eliminate the expensive sound card and tons of wiring with a single CAT 5E/6 cable to your WheatNet-IP network for two-way audio, console control, and routing.

Installation of WheatNet-IP is a breeze. The front panel setup wizard in each model gets you up and running in moments. Extensive front panel metering and status indicators provide quick confirmation that all is well. Wheatstone's web interface GUI lets you further customize your system, locally or remotely, with input and output names, logic associations, routing and much more. In addition, WheatNet-IP can provide SNMP messaging for alerts.

Each model provides connectivity for 16 input channels, 16 output channels, and 12 universal logic (GPIO) ports. Greatly reduce wiring time and complexity by installing a model in each equipment rack, studio, or piece of control room furniture.

This model, the 88D, offers 8 AES two-channel inputs and 8 AES two-channel outputs. Additional features include  silence detection on outputs, and a front panel headphone jack to monitor any source or destination.

Main Features:
• 16 digital input channels (as 8 AES pairs)
• 16 analog output channels (as 8 AES pairs)
• RJ-45 connectors for audio (8 in, 8 out)
• D-Sub connectors for audio (2 in, 2 out)
• 12 Universal Logic ports (GPIO) on 2 RJ-45 connectors
• Front panel headphone jack
• Front panel LED bargraph metering
• Built-in routing control
• Two built-in 8-channel utility mixers
• Dual Ethernet ports  

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