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Rycote 042902

InVisiion Video 1/4" Adaptor

BSW PART: 042902

The InVision Video (1/4" Adaptor) uses Rycote's patented Lyre Suspension webs, which is a non-elastic suspension. The lyres provide the ultimate protection against all handling and camera motor noise & vibrations. The lyres are made from a virtually indestructible material, but have the compliance to work in most demanding situations.

The mic clip is designed to securely hold microphones from 19-25 mm in diameter, including the slab sided Sennheiser MKH range. The internal surface has a molded soft feel grip, to prevent twisting or slipping of the microphone.

It can be rotated 360 degrees around its mounting point, on a 100 mm (4") bar. The bar is slotted, which allows the cradle to be slid in and out to obtain perfect positioning. This can be used to move the microphone and windscreen back and out of shot in the lens.

Rycote InVision Video (1/4" Adaptor) Specifications:
• 1/4" 20 male to 1/4" female thread, with thumb wheel
• Weight: 84 grams (3 oz)
• Grip length of mic clip: 65 mm (5.5")
• Suitable for microphones with lengths of 50 mm (2") to 300 mm (12") and diameters of 19 mm (3/4") to 25 mm (1")

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