Windtech CM21
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Windtech CM21

Video Hot Shoe Mic Clip


The Windtech CM21 "hot shoe" shotgun clip fits most standard video camera hot shoe mounts. A locking nut holds mic clip in place.  Adjustable microphone angle with adjustment screw. Fits mics with shaft diameter of 21 mm.

The CM21 fits the following shotgun mics: AKG C568, CK61, CK62, CK63, CK68 CK69. Audio-Technica AT815b, AT815ST, AT835b, AT897, AT4071a, AT4073a, ATR55. Azden SGM-X, SGM-1X, SGM-2X. Beyer MC836, MC837, MCD837. Neumann KMR81, KMR82, and any microphone with a shaft diameter of 21 mm.

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