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Black Burst Generator


The ES-219A is a Black-Burst / Sync Generator with four isolated outputs. The unit provides a dependable and stable composite black-burst signal for pre-blacking tapes and/or for general synchronization purposes. The output signal of the ES-219A consists of sync, blanking, reference black setup level and color burst which is SCH phased. Subcarrier frequency and SCH phase may be adjusted if desired.

Main Features:
• Low-cost Black-Burst / Sync Generator
• 4 Isolated RS-170A Black-Burst outputs (BNC connectors)
• Optional Audio Reference Tone (1 KHz @ 0dbv, RCA connector)
• Optional Sync output
• Optional Single or Dual (side by side) Rackmount
• 220V & UL options available
• Additional display sizes & enclosures available as well as other various options, please contact us for further details

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