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Barix RackMount

Rack Mount for Barix Audio Devices in a Standard 19'' Rack


The Barix Rack Mount is an accessory allowing the mounting of Barix audio devices into a standard 19-inch rack using one height unit.

Supports up to four Barix 1/4 width audio devices:
• Annuncicom 100
• Annuncicom 200
• Exstreamer
• Exstreamer Store & Play
• Exstreamer 200
• Instreamer 100

Supports up to two Barix 1/2 width audio devices:
• Annuncicom 1000
• Exstreamer 1000
• Exstreamer 500

Supports mixing of different devices with different widths
• For example, one 1/2 width plus two 1/4 width devices

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