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Tieline G3 Update Bundle

Update for G3 Tielines purchased before April 10, 2006. (SWBUNDLE )


Tieline G3 Update Bundle
Tieline G3 Update Bundle Figure 1Upgrades any existing G3 Tielines into a Wired IP and POTS Codec. IP Matrix and Failover is included in the price of all Tieline codecs. Codecs purchased prior to this date will require an upgrade fee to be paid for each upgraded codec. Software module allows mono/stereo bi-directional connections over wired and wireless IP/internet networks using TCP and UDP protocols.

Includes Mpeg Layer 2, G.722, Tieline wideband Music and Tieline Voice Algorithms and features SIP compatibility with other codecs supporting SIP.

Matrix and Failover inlock keys will also be supplied.

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