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AEQ Phoenix Stratos

Dual channel Audio Codec IP/ISDN


AEQ Phoenix Stratos

Phoenix STRATOS is a Dual channel rackmounted audiocodec with IP, ISDN and X21/V35 connectivity. Comprehensive, redundant, easy to use and controllable - for your station or network communications! This AudioCodec is the solution for any broadcaster with the need for a versatile but yet straghtforward and efficient AudioCodec.

Main Features:
• Capacity to establish two independent stereo/dual connections or four mono channels to several different destinations.
• Fully independent dual channels for program, coordination or backup, each one with its respective returns.
• Front panel user interface and and control software.
• Local or remote control of a single or a "pool" of units.
• Remote monitoring: includes SNMP server that allows the user to monitor status, alarms, etc.
• Multi- and Unicast capability.
• Ancillary data channel both in IP and ISDN.
• 4 GPIs and GPOs.
• Includes encoding algorithms in compliance with N/ACIP EBU Tech3326 recommendations plus the AEQ LD low delay algorithms. AAC is oprtional.
• Balanced analogue audio Inputs and Outputs on XLR connectors and AES/EBU digital I/O’s.

• Analog audio inputs 4 x XLR female. 9Kohm. Electronically balanced. Professional line level.
• Analog audio outputs 4 x XLR male. Output impedance < 100 ohm. Electronically balanced. Professional line level.
• Digital audio I/O DB15 connector. 2 AES/EBU interfaces. SRC on inputs.
• Headphone Output 1 x ¼“ Stereo Jack, with front panel volume control.
• Synchronization: AES/EBU output can synchronized with the inputs sampling frequency.
• Nominal input level. 0dBu.
• Maximum input level. +20dBu.
• Nominal output level. 0dBu.
• Maximum output level. 20dB above nominal level.
• Max. distortion linear audio <0.003%.
• THD + N in SRC @1KHz: -117 dB.
• Dynamic range for linear audio >105dB.
• Crosstalk <-70dB.
• Frequency response (+/- 0.2dB): 50Hz – 15KHz in MPEG 1 L II. 20Hz – 20KHz in MPEG 4 AAC*, and for linear audio PCM. 50Hz – 7KHz in G722. 50Hz - 3KHz in G711.
• Analog I/O: A/D and D/A 24 bit Sigma-Delta converters, 48 kHz max. Modes: Mono, Dual Mono, Stereo.
• IP communications interface: Ethernet port. LAN 10/100 base T. Connector RJ45. Fully compliant N/ACIP EBU Tech 3326.
• SIP: Compliant with EBU-Tech 3326 recommendation. ANCILLIARY DATA in IP: DB 9. 9,6 Kbps., 19,2 kbps. or 38,4 Kbps. flow embedded in the RTP stream. X.21/V.35 communications interface: DB25, binary rates of 64/128/256Kbps.
• ISDN / RDSI communications interface: Supports use of Euro ISDN and National-1 communications module. With up to two B channels supported per module. ”S” interface (2B+D) Euro ISDN compliant (ETS 300 012, ETS 300 125, ETS300 102), RJ-45 connector. "U" interface (2B1Q) ANSI compliant (ANSI T1.601- 1992, T1.602-1996,T1.607 - 1998), RJ-11 connector.
• ANCILLIARY DATA in ISDN: DB 9. 9,6 Kbps flow embedded into the audio data stream.
• GPIO: DB15 connector with 4 optocoupled GPIs and 4 open collector GPOs.
• Automatic backup, selectable between IP, V35 and ISDN.
• Multicast IP: transmission and reception.
• Multiple-unicast in RTP-raw mode: allows the unit to send a same stream to up to 10 different IPs.
• SIP: according to EBU-Tech 3326 recommendation. Possibility of operation with or without SIP Proxy server.
• Encoding algorithms. G711 A law, µ law (64kbps, low delay, 3.5 KHz audio bandwidth). G722 (64 Kbps, low delay , 7 KHz audio bandwidth). AEQ-LD Fs=16, 32 or 48KHz, mono or stereo. Bit-rates between 64 and 384 Kbps, audio bandwidths between 7 and 20 KHz.
• MPEG1 & 2-LII, Fs between 16 and 48 KHz, mono, stereo, dual channel and joint stereo. Bit-rates between 64 and 384 Kbps. Audio bandwidths between 10.5 and 16.5 KHz.
• AAC-LC* high quality, with Fs=24, 32 and 48 KHz, mono, stereo, MsStereo, bit-rates between 32 and 256 Kbps, audio bandwidths between 9 and 20 KHz.
• AAC-LD* high quality and low delay, Fs=48 KHz, mono, stereo and MsStereo. Bit-rates between 32 and 256 Kbps, audio bandwidths between 8 and 20KHz.
• PCM (linear) very low delay and transparent quality. Fs=48 KHz or 32 KHz @ 12, 16, 20 or 24 bits/sample, mono or stereo (bit-rates between 576 and 2304 Kbps), audio bandwidths between 15 and 20 KHz.
• Range of operational temperature: -10 to + 45 º C (14 to 114 º F).
• Front panel control:
• 1 x 12 key, alphanumeric keypad.
• 1 x OLED display.
• 4 x function keys (used with display menus).
• 1 x rotary encoder and escape key (used with display menus).
• 4 x 14 segment LED VU meters.
• 4 x comm status LED indicators.
• Configuration Wizard (internal menu).
• Dimensions and weight: 1RU, 482 x 44 x 280 mm ; 19” x 1.75" x 11").Weight: 3,5 kg (7,7 lbs)

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