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Multi-Channel AoIP Codec


1U Frame.JPG
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For those wishing to transport multiple channels of Audio over IP, the APT Multi-Channel AoIP Codec offers a compact and highly efficient solution. It can support up to 16 channels of audio within a single unit of rackspace - and even more IP streams when using multicast or multiple unicast technology. The 1U APT Frame will accommodate up to 4 AoIP modules, each equivalent to a stand-alone stereo duplex codec combining audio, dual IP transport and auxiliary data on board. Up to 6 AoIP modules can be accommodated on the 3U.

*SureStream not included - To purchase SureStream Click here

*Frame only.

Main Features:
• Transports up to two stereo audio channels per module
• 192kHz Sampling supports Digital MPX over AES and fully digital transfer
• Deliver up to 24 IP audio streams per module
• Simplex and duplex operational modes
• Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint operation
• Four Independent Clock Domains per module
• Supports a variety of protocols including: UDP RTP/RTCP, SIP/STUN#, SAP#, DHCP, DDNS, NTP, IGMP, ICMP, VLAN Tagging#, SNMP, UPnP
• Embedded WEB GUI can be accessed from a web browser or the NMS
• Performance monitoring on each individual IP stream
• User selectable packet size for each stereo audio channel
• Configurable delay-jitter buffer for each receive IP stream (1 ms to 5000 ms)
• Supports Dynamic DNS for global accessibility by hostname rather than IP address
• Supports UPnP IGD protocol for configuration of UPnP enabled gateways (routers)
• APT Ip Audio Codecs SureStream Radio Magazine pick hit award 2011
• SureStream – Broadcast-Grade Audio over Imperfect IP
• Forwarding of audio or non-audio (such as PAD or HD Exporter data) UDP Streams
• Supports “Diffserv” Quality of Service (QoS) on variable DSCP values
• Headphone socket for audio monitoring
• Aux data (embedded / non-embedded) and opto-coupled control inputs.
• Supports APT’s award winning SureStream Technology for High Quality Audio over Open Internet Links
• Optional AOIP Module not included

APT Frame 1U:
• 1U Frame with dual power supplies as standard and capacity for the transport of up to 12 audio channels (12 Mono Signals or 6/3 Stereo Programs in simplex/duplex mode)
• Can also be combined with AoIP and/or analog MPXoIP# modules see Page 8

For E1/T1 transport, in addition to the frame, you will need:

• 1x MCU board for management, compatible with APT NMS
• 1x E1 or T1 card for transport
• Up to 3 Audio (4 mono channel each) or Auxiliary Data cards

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