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Audio Compass Direct Connect

**Direct Connect, Single License


Audio Compass Direct ConnectTM is a slim Audio Over IP solution, created by radio professionals with the broadcaster in mind. The simple interface, and complete peer-to-peer nature of Audio Compass Direct ConnectTM sets it apart from all other Codec solutions.

Audio is bi-directional and peer-to-peer. A pinhole in the firewall on one end is required.

Audio Compass Direct ConnectTM can be used with the Internet, Intranet, WAN, LAN, 3G, 4G, and a host of other networks.

Main Features:
• Choose from the following broadcast quality codecs: Opus, G.722, RAW-PCM.
• Complete online manual (with real life examples)!
• Improved audio quality and stability when other applications are running!
• Bi-directional text chat!
• Remotely control audio switchers and send relay closures via RS232 serial port!
• No complex configuration required!
• UDP protocol!
• Direct control over its receive audio buffer (50-unlimited ms) providing the greatest flexibility for your broadcast.
• Separate send/receive audio codecs for on-air quality broadcasts with a reduced bandwidth return IFB channel!

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