Barix Barionet 100
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Barix Barionet 100

Universal, programmable I/O device


The Barionet 100 is a low cost, flexible and multiprotocol capable I/O device server which bridges the physical world of sensors and activators with IP Automation and IT management systems.

Speaking both SNMP and Modbus/TCP as well as universal ASCII protocols, the Barionet devices are easily integrated into monitoring and management systems.


• Environmental monitoring, logging and alarming
• Contact closure monitoring
• Access Control/Door controller
• Temperature monitoring, logging and HVAC control
• PV power management

Main Features:

• Universal, programmable I/O device server with web server
• Modbus/TCP and SNMP support.
• Serial ports
• Analog and digital I/O
• Relays and Dallas 1-wire support.
• UL listed.
• Relay Output (2x250VAC, 5A)
• Digital Inputs (4)
• Open Collector (digital) Outputs (4x24VDC)
• Analog (0..5VDC) Input (4)
• RS-232 Serial Port (1)
• RS-422/485 Serial Port (1)
• Supply Voltage (9-30VDC)
• Wiegand Interface Input (2)

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