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Barix Exstreamer Store and Play

IP Audio decoder with USB and microSD storage interfaces - Includes 8GB microSD


Barix Exstreamer Store and Play
The Exstreamer Store&Play automatically downloads audio tracks and playlists via IP networks and schedules the playback of the received audio files. Supported by an application specific firmware, this product is designed to be used for In-Store background music and ad insertion, as well as for other use cases that require the playback of scheduled items without relying on a live Internet radio stream. APPLICATIONS: Periodic Automated Announcements, Localized and Dynamic Advert Insertion, and Background Music in Retail and Hospitality Environments

Main Features:
• MP3 Decoding
• Line Level Output (Stereo)
• Serial Interface
• USB 2.0 Interface
• Internal microSD storage capability
• Embedded Real Time Clock
• Web UI for remote control, status and configuration
• Supply Voltage 5 VDC
• Low Power consumption (max. 2W)

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