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APT IP Codec with FREE Surestream

IP Audio Codec w AC PSU and Free SURESTREAM


APT IP Codec with FREE Surestream
BSW Exclusive!
For a limited time, purchase APT's IP Codec and receive FREE SURESTREAM, $1400 value.

The APT IP Codec (Formerly known as WorldCast Horizon NextGen) offers the most complete set of IP features ever included in APT’s extensive range and *features both our revolutionary “SureStream” technology and intelligent ScriptEasy scripting. In addition, this next generation IP audio codec also offers a wide range of algorithms as standard on a solid DSP platform with dual IP ports and redundant power supplies. Despite the high feature density, the APT IP Codec is extremely competitively priced. Perfect for STLs and mission-critical applications, the APT IP Codec provides extensive control and monitoring capabilities to manage both your audio, data and network conditions and other equipment located at the transmitter site.

*After 12/31/20, SureStream will not be included - To purchase SureStream Click here

Updated Features:
• MPX over AES/EBU over IP in full format and bandwidth reduced (relocate your audio processor away from the transmitter to the studio site)
• NTP time sync function to synchronise decoded audio
• SD Card Slot for Audio Backup
• SD Card Slot for unit Cloning and Restore
• Inbuilt Firewall for added security

Main Features:
• Professional & Affordable IP Audio Codec
• Dual IP Ports, configurable for management and redundant streaming
• Multi-algorithm support as standard, including HE-AAC, aptX® Enhanced & linear
• Audio Backup from SD card
• 192kHz Sampling supports transmission of Digital MPX over AES*
• SureStream Technology enables broadcast-grade audio over inexpensive IP Links*
• Distributed Intelligence powered by ScriptEasy
• Forwarding of audio or non-audio UDP streams, such as PAD or HD Exporter Data
• Auto-Detection of received audio format
• Auxiliary data for transmission of RBDS / RDS or PAD
• Network Security features with Firewall capability
• 4 Opto-coupled Inputs and 4 Relay Outputs
• Support for SNMP, Alarm & Event Logging
• Intuitive Web Interface

*Cost Option

List Price: $3,650.00
Usually Available in 1-2 days
You Saved:
$3,650.00 (100%)

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