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3 Channel Stereo Mixer


The PowerMIX III three-channel mixer from ART can accept either mono or stereo signals and mixes them down to stereo or identical L/R mono signals. Additionally, the PowerMIX III provides a headphone output with its own level control. The three input channels each have their own pan and level controls. A Master Level control regulates all 3 channels. The headphone channel features dual, stereo 1/4" outputs so that two headsets can be connected at once. Features: three sets of 1/4" left and right unbalanced inputs; input impedance 10k ohms; output impedance 100 ohms; max. gain +27dB; max. input level +30dB; max. output level +13dB; THD: <0.005%; power, 12V DC (Adaptor included). Dimensions: 5.625 x 3.75 x 1.75 inches.

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