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Active Pressbox 2 In 16 Out


The full-featured PRESSPOWER 2 is the successor to the original PRESSPOWER unit, the standard for press conferences worldwide. It features 2 mic/line inputs with individual gain controls and 16 transformer isolated outputs that are individually switchable for mic or line level operation. The PRESSPOWER 2 includes a 20-segmentLED level meter, an internal test ton tone generator, a built-in headphone monitor amp with volume control, high-pass filters, and phantom power--all conveniently front-panel accessible. The high-performance input stage provides clean audio even in high-RF environments. The unit can be powered by 115/230 VAC - 50/60 Hz., by (4) 9V internal batteries or with an external DC supply (12 - 36 VDC) connected via rear terminals. This allows the unit to be powered by a car battery, cigarette lighter, camera pack, etc. and the unit will automatically switch to DC back-up in the event of an AC power interruption. Additional active mic/line outputs can be added with optional 16 channel expander module, giving you up to 48 total active outputs. Additional mic outputs can be achieved by adding passive PB Series Press Boxes to outputs set to line level. Features: frequency response: -.5 dBm 20Hz to -2 dBm 16 kHz input impedance: mic: 1.5k Ohms; line: 200k Ohms; maximum input level: mic: -5 dBm: line: +50 dBm; output impedance: mic: 150 Ohms; line: 150 Ohms; maximum output level: mic: -5 dBm into 2k Ohms: line: +23 dBm into 2k Ohms; total harmonic distortion: .075% at 1kHz, mic @ unity gain: isolation between outputs: mic:>95 dBm: line: >60 dBm.

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