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Tone Control EQ


Beef up your sound with a veritable Angus steak of sonic sizzle.

The GERMANIUM Tone Control is a hearty EQ that offers both active and passive circuitry for serious sound shaping, versatile feedback and drive controls for even-handed power, and inductors on each band for the fattest, smoothest tone possible.

Its extremely flexible passive low frequency section lets you select between "Pultec/Lang" interactive curves for exotic EQ combinations, or the more standard low frequency with pass filter. Its active Treble and Presence bands give you precise control, and are designed to sound like those classic British EQs from yesteryear.

PSU1 power supply required and sold separately.

Main Features:
• Extremely musical EQ
• Fat, smooth tone
• Ultra-Flexible Low Frequency section
• Active Treble and Presence sections
• Comprehensive feedback control

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