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Chandler LTD1

Mic Preamp /EQ


Somebody slip Paul Revere a mickey. Here's a British Invasion we welcome with open ears.

This hand-wired 10-series equalizer and pre amp is handmade using parts and building techniques of the original manufacturer to give you a fat, round, warm vintage sound, with virtually every modern function added for ultra-flexibility to deal with today's audio demands.

For that vintage vibe, grounding, wiring techniques, original transformers, transistors, and inductors have been painstakingly recreated in each LTD-1, with even the chassis designed to resemble the original. In addition to that classic 10-series sound, you have a vast sonic palate to choose from, thanks to its expanded EQ section with 9 additional EQ points and other up-to-the-minute enhancements.

The LTD1 requires the Chandler PSU1 power supply (sold separately) to operate.

Main Features:
• Vintage vibe and sound enhanced for today's audio demands
• Maximum headroom
• Expansive EQ section
• High impedance direct in
• Balanced line in and balanced mic in
• 48v switching
• Output fader
• EQ in/out
• Phase reverse
• Highly polished plated steel chassis

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