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Chandler TG12413

Zener Limiter


Are we hallucinating, or is diamond-studded Lucy signaling from on high that the sky's no limit for the TG12413?

Based on the vintage circuits used to record the Beatles and Pink Floyd, this newest EMI Limiter continues a great 50-year tradition, giving you classic limiting power as well as new controls for modern-day flexibility.

Fully loaded to meet today's recording, mixing and mastering needs, it offers switch able input impedance for hard or soft driving of the unit, 11 position attack, 21 position release, side chain filtering, and fast and slow compression and limit settings.

The TG12413 requires the Chandler PSU1 power supply (sold separately) to operate.

Main Features:
• Vintage vibe and sound enhanced for today's audio demands
• 21 position input switch with audio taper
• 21 position output switch in 1 dB steps
• 11 position attack
• Switch able input impedance for harder or softer limiting action
• Side chain filter
• THD function bypasses Limiter to drive circuit to 2% THD and higher
• Stereo Link
• Limit and fast and slow compression modes

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