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Chandler Limited Channel


Back in the day at Abbey Road, even the hardware had a spirit all its own.

Designed to sound like a fine musical instrument instead of a modern surgical tool, the TGCHANNELMKII is a re-creation of several classic circuits using original Abbey Road design plans combining the TG2 pre amp with a super smooth equalizer redesigned from an EQ circuit first used in the TG12410 Transfer or mastering console—the mastering counterpart to the original "Beatles desks."

The active portions of the unit use the same discrete amplifiers and transformers as in the TG1 Limiter and TG2 pre amp. The passive equalizer portion of the EQ is an all inductor design and offers sweet high frequencies with large inductor based lows, and a very high "Q" mid cut section.

The TGCHANNELMKII requires the Chandler PSU1 power supply (sold separately) to operate. p> Main Features:
• Big, smooth vintage sound
• Built using original Abbey Road design information
• 5-position low cut switch
• Direct In for instruments
• Phase, mic/line, EQ, and 48V switching
• Mid Cut: a 6-point EQ with 20 dB of cut designed to fix problem areas

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