DBX 1066
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DBX 1066

Compressor/Limiter/ Noise Gate

BSW PART: 1066

The dbx 1066 compressor/limiter/gate is a flexible dynamics control device that lets you choose the level and style of compression/limiting you like.

Want to instantly add that classic dbx response to your mix? It's there at the touch of the "Auto" button (or use the independent Attack and Release controls to tailor the 1066 to your specific needs). Unwanted frequencies or mic bleed in the signal path? Frequency dependent gain control is a snap to set up and execute with the Side Chain External button. Use the Side Chain Monitor button and your favorite EQ to dial in the specific frequencies you want to trigger the device.

A contour switch allows entire mixes to be easily smoothed with soft compression while keeping low frequencies from punching holes in the overall mix. Selectable input and output metering let you make sure that everything is matched up level-wise, maximizing your signal-to-noise ratio.

For overall speaker protection, dbx's PeakStopPlus represses those unwanted transients from blowing your drivers while minimizing the distortion common to many other "hard" limiters. Selectable Hard-Knee or OverEasy characteristics make the 1066 ideal for your gain control needs, whether you're looking for "heavy" almost-special-effects compression or soft, smooth gain leveling. New lightpipe technology replaces standard LEDs found on most other units, making the 1066 both very easy to read and much easier to operate.

In the studio, broadcast facility or on the road with a P.A. system, the 1066 is designed for perfectly simple operation. The 1066 lets you eliminate unwanted signals, flexibly control overall signal gain and guard your overall mix in dual mono or stereo operation.

dbx 1066 Features:
• PeakStopPlus circuitry offers stiff limiting without unwanted side effects
• New lightpipe technology which replaces standard LEDs, making the 1066 very easy to read and operate
• Sidechain input for ducking and frequency dependent limiting
• Balanced inputs and outputs with XLR and 1/4" connectors
• 1.75"H x 19"W x 9"D (1RU); 5.1 lbs. net wt.

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