DBX 160A
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DBX 160A

Mono Compressor/Limiter 160AD


The dbx 160A is part of the legendary dbx 160 family of compressor/limiters. Classic sound, easy set-up and no-compromise metering are now married to an improved signal path and stronger chassis design, for time-tested dbx processing at home in the digital era.

Featuring switch-selectable OverEasy and Hard Knee compression curves along with extremely wide-ranging threshold, ratio and output controls, the dbx 160A is up to any task. True RMS level detection provides the most natural-sounding dynamics processing available, from subtle compression to "brick wall" peak limiting. Choose low ratios and OverEasy compression to transparently smooth out fluctuating vocal and instrumental levels. Or use the 160A's Hard Knee compression and high ratios (up to and beyond :1 and over 60 dB gain reduction) for bomb-proof protection against overload distortion in digital recording, P.A. systems and broadcast signals. The 160A is fully compatible with +4/-10 dB and balanced/ unbalanced systems. The 19-segment, switchable input/ output LED metering can be easily calibrated to any operating level. 12-segment gain reduction LEDs provide precise analysis at a glance.

The dbx 160A's unique "INFINITY +" inverse-compression mode actually decreases the audio output level below unity gain when the input exceeds threshold, a real lifesaver for correcting overbearing vocal choruses and controlling runaway house mix levels. A detector input can be used with an equalizer for de-essing sibilant vocals and selectively smoothing out boomy notes on acoustic guitar and bass. And two 160As can be stereo-coupled to process an entire mix or instruments mic'd in stereo, without shifting the left/right image.

• Over-Easy or hard-knee operation
• Wide range of compression ratios including negative compression
• Gain reduction and input/output level metering
• Balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs
• Independent balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4" outputs 19"W x 6.5" D x 1.75"H; 4.5 lbs. net wt.

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