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MXL VO1-A Harlan Hogan

Harlan Hogan Signature Microphone


Harlan Hogan has partnered with Marshall Electronics to create the MXL VO: 1-A Signature Series microphone, the first mic designed for voice-over performers by a voice-over performer.

The VO: 1-A is specifically tailored to the unique needs of voice-over recording. For example, although the VO: 1-A is a cardioid condenser mic, MXL subtly adjusted its polar pattern to veer toward omnidirectional. This produces a more controllable proximity effect than a typical all-purpose cardioid microphone. The VO: 1-A uses bi-polar transistors to create phantom power and a pair of high quality JFET transistors that mimic the sound of tube amplification to give extra warmth to the spoken word. It faithfully captures deep tones without sounding too heavy and has a smooth top end, yielding a perfect sound palette for most male and female voice-over performers. It comes with a clip, shockmount and 15-foot cable

VO: 1-A Features:
• Studio condenser microphone
• State of the art class A circuitry
• Balanced/transformerless output
• Gold sputtered diaphragm
• Foam-lined travel case and fleece-lined protective storage pouch
• MXL quick mic clip
• MXL shockmount with replacement suspension bands
• 15-foot Marshall XLR microphone cable
• 3-year warranty

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