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Sennheiser MKH8040ST

MKH8040 Stereo Pair


Get the MKH8040 in a matched stereo pair.

The MKH8040 cardioid condenser offers a frequency response of 30Hz-50kHz and can handle most any application. It can literally save the day if you're recording in a room with poor acoustics.

Part of the new MKH 8000 microphone series, it offers impressive clarity with a simple yet profound modular design that cuts self-noise and distortion to the barest minimum. Along with the microphones, you get the MZX8000 XLR module, MZQ8000 microphone clip, MZW8000 windshield and aluminum transport case.

Main Features:
• Cardioid pick-up pattern
• Modular design
• Wide frequency response
• Symmetrical transducer with 2 backplates for extremely low distortion
• Extremely low inherent self-noise
• Accurate directional pattern
• Non-reflective Nextel coating
• Ideal as a spot microphone and for surround recordings
• 19mm in diameter and 3.5" long

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