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Tascam TM-280

Large-diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone


The TM-280 is the top model in the Tascam microphone series offering rich, warm and bright sound with a low noise level. Its wide frequency response with a slightly enhanced high end is ideal for precise and smooth reproduction of vocals, acoustic string instruments, wind instruments and other sound sources in your home or project studio. A switchable low-cut filter allows you to add clarity by reducing the amount of unwanted low-frequency sounds or to compensate for the proximity effect in close miking. There is also a switchable level attenuation that reduces the risk of distortion caused by excessively loud sounds. And the cardioid directivity pattern enables the TM-280 to pick up the intended source while rejecting off-axis sounds.

Main Features:
• Condenser microphone for capturing precise, high-definition sound at home or in the studio
• Large gold-plated diaphragm with a diameter of 34 mm
• Low noise level, ideal in combination with Tascam HDDA preamps
• Very high SPL (sound pressure level) capability and smooth sound curve with a decent peak around 9 kHz – ideal to emphasize lead vocals or lead instruments like saxophone or other brass instruments
• Unidirectional (cardioid) pattern is ideal to capture single sound sources and reject off-axis sounds
• Switchable low-cut filter to reduce unwanted low-frequency sounds
• Switchable level attenuation (–10 dB) to protect the mic from excessively loud audio sources
• Perfect for recording with any high-end Tascam recorder or interface that supplies phantom power
• Included accessories: suspension shockmount, pop filter, flight case, 5/8-inch to 3/8-inch screw adapter

• Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
• Output impedance: 50 Ω, ±30 %
• Load impedance: <1 kΩ
• Sensitivity: –36 dB, ±2 dB (0 dB = 1 V/Pa at 1 kHz)
• Maximum sound pressure level: 135 dB
• Signal-to-noise ratio: 80 dB
• Connector: 3-pin XLR, male
• Phantom power: DC 48 V
• External dimensions (Ø × L): 51 mm × 188 mm
• Weight: 417 g (mic body only)

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