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MaxxKonnect MKVZ-500MB

*Prioritized LTE Service - Verizon Network - 500MB per month


MaxxKonnect MKVZ-500MB
Single Carrier​, Prioritized High Speed Internet Service designed for Transmitter Sites and Remote Broadcasts.... that actually REALLY works!

Main Features:

• MaxxKonnect Prioritized LTE - 500MB per month consumption - Verizon network - includes static IP & network priority. See all service options here.
• Service available on the top three major US networks!
• Higher Priority and higher QOS with the carriers give you connectivity in heavily congested environments such as sports stadiums, downtown areas and major events.
• Higher Priority and private APNs with the carriers ensure higher reliability for your site monitoring and audio delivery needs.
• Data is pooled on same-tier data plans to create an aggregate data cap which helps avoid overage charges.
• Static IP addresses are provided with EVERY access point at no extra charge!
• No contracts—cancel anytime with 30 days notice. No early termination fees!
• Enterprise-class service. No port blocking!
• You can buy our hardware, or provide your own!  
• Bond multiple SIMs on the same carrier for more robust service!
• We can open any ports to accommodate your needs!
• We can provide external antennas - omni or directional - to get connectivity even at remote sites!
*MaxxKonnect activation required for each unit.
*$75 pre-configure/activation fee not included. No activation charge on SIM only orders

Configuration Required. Call BSW Today!

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