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Digital Broadcast Console


AEQ ARENA Figure 1The AEQ ARENA is a state-of-the-art digital mixing console for radio broadcasting applications. Especially designed for controlling on-air transmissions, it offers automatic monitor cut-off, cough muting, fader start, control signaling, control signals for the automation of external equipment, external communications management, intercom, and more. It also gives you the capability to monitor all the signals present in the system.

Vastly flexible, the ARENA lets you implement a range of set-ups, from a system with a very few inputs and outputs to one with more than 100 inputs and outputs. You can also configure the control surface into a system with a greater or lesser number of channels, according your needs.

It easily adapts to different working configurations including auto control, control room-studio, control associated with several studios, mixed configurations, and integration into large facilities. It boasts incredible routing capability, with the ability to make more than 30,000 crosspoints. This routing power makes it possible for all the system outputs to be summable and re-routable to other outputs, and lets you create as many n-1 buses or clean-feeds as there are available outputs. Its flexibility lets you assign signals present in the system to any control channel, and you can modify that signal distribution from the control surface itself.AEQ ARENA Figure 2

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AEQ ARENA Main Features:
• Control and monitoring surface with speakers, LCD displays and 5 motorized faders
• Additional control surface with 10 motorized faders and LCD configuration display
• Rackmount engine
• External dual redundant power supply with alarm system included
• Master controller module
• 4 audio processing DSP boards
• 7 AES-EBU/ S/PDIF digital stereo inputs; AES-EBU/ S/PDIF digital stereo outputs
• 4 mic inputs; 12 mono analog inputs; 12 mono analog outputs
• Control communication through Ethernet 10/100 connection under TCP/IP protocol

AEQ ARENA Figure 3

AEQ ARENA Figure 4

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