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Arrakis ARC-10U

10 Ch. Unbalanced Broadcast Console


ARC-10UArrakis ARC-10U
Arrakis ARC-10U Figure 1This general-purpose console is feature-packed to handle most On Air Radio and Radio Production studio applications. Channels one and two are high-performance mic channels for on-air talent with a guest. Channel ten is an advanced telephone interface to an external hybrid for live callers or an off-line contest call. Seven stereo line input channels easily handle the other audio sources, such as CD players, found in most studios. It also boasts long life faders, electronic switching of all audio signal paths and an attractive yet rugged design.

The ARC-10U supports studios where the CD players and other sources are typical unbalanced consumer-type sources. It features RCA phono connectors so that your sources simply plug into the console with standard off the shelf cables. This model is designed for installation similar to a home stereo system.

Arrakis also has an ARC-10 models with balanced inputs or the conversion of channel 9 to a Windows USB connection.

Main Features:
• Two stereo Program output mixes (with mono mixdowns)
• Ten input source channels
• Two high-performance balanced mic channels
• Seven unbalanced stereo line channels
• One phone input channel for fast Live & Off-line telephone interface (hybrid required)
• Program output is BOTH balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA
• Telephone channel (ch 10) is balanced In & Out with Logic
• Real VU meters for on air monitoring, switch selectable between both Program outputs
• Headphone system with stereo amp for 8 ohm (or Hi-Z) headphones
• Cue-talkback system with built-in amplifier and speaker
• Input channel logic for Remote channel on-off-tally and source start-stop
• Provides monitor audio and logic for a Studio /Announce booth
• Optional 16 x 3 stereo switcher for remote input select

Arrakis ARC-10U Figure 2

Arrakis ARC-10U Figure 3 


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