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Arrakis ARC-15

15 Channel Broadcast Console


Arrakis ARC-15
Arrakis ARC-15Arrakis ARC-15Arrakis ARC-15
For a limited time, enjoy a substantial price drop on the ARC-15, exclusively, from BSW.

The ARC-15 is a powerful, general-purpose 15-channel console that easily handles most On Air radio and radio production studio applications.

It offers a dedicated high performance mic channel plus four channels that can be internally selected as either mic or stereo line inputs, as well as seven dedicated stereo line input channels, a phone input channel for interfacing to an external hybrid for live callers (or an off-line contest call) and a sound card channel that can be configured with a Windows PC USB interface for use with On Air, automation, and production software.

It also features a comprehensive cue-talkback system, LED lighted switches, long life faders, electronic switching of all audio signal paths and real VU meters for low fatigue monitoring. And with its XLR, RCA phono jack and balanced RJ45 connections, the ARC-15 is easy to install with off the shelf cables.

Its main Program Output is both balanced and unbalanced for long signal runs to other rooms. The console Program output is provided on a +4dBu, balanced, XLR connector. For local connection to unbalanced consumer equipment, the console Program output also features a (-)10dBu RCA jack output. Audition and Mono Mix outputs are unbalanced (-)10dBu RCA jack outputs.

Main Features:
• 2 stereo Program output mixes (with mono mixdowns)
• 15 input source channels
• 5 high performance mic channels
• PC computer sound card channel for Play and Record
• One phone input channel for fast Live and Off-line telephone interface (hybrid required)
• Multi-turn trimpot level adjust on all XLR I/O
• Headphone system with stereo amp for 8 ohm (or Hi-Z) headphones
• Cue-talkback system with built-in amplifier and speaker
• Input channel logic for Remote channel on-off-tally and source start-stop
• Provides monitor audio and logic for a Studio /Announce booth
• Some cabling included. Check Arrakis Systems website for details. Arrakis ARC-15 Figure 1

The included DHD-Live software will recognize the ARC-15 console and operate in the 'free' ARC-15 mode to provide the most ultimate live assistance for any Internet or Broadcast radio station applications.

Software Features:
• Hot Key pages - Create an unlimited amount of Hot Key pages with custom names.
• Playlist - Create custom playlists for your live shows.
• File Info - Quickly view key information about your audio files.
• Preview Player - Preview any of your audio files before you play them.
• Library - Sort by cart number, title, artist, time and much more.
• Reports - Allows you to view all audio that has recently played.
• Multi-sort - Powerful multi-sort allows you to search multiple fields at once.
• Meter display - Dozens of audio meters to choose from to display your audio.
• Multi monitor display - Use as many monitors as you need to display all the DHD-Live screens.
• Control with ARC console - Connect any ARC-10 or ARC-15 console via RS232 to your PC and you can start and stop the automation via channel on button.

Arrakis ARC-15 Figure 2
Arrakis ARC-15 Figure 3


The ARC-15 is a powerful, general-purpose 15-channel console that easily handles most On Air radio and radio production studio applications.

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