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Arrakis ARC-8

8 Channel Broadcast Console


ARC-8 top
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With a single stereo mixing bus, the Arrakis ARC-8 is ideal for fast paced live on air, production and remote applications.

Two mics supports a host and guest talk format. The mix minus bus (for an external hybrid) supports Telephone talk formats or call ins. The 'Talk' button on mic channel one feeds the mic to the caller and the caller to the console cue system... fast and easy! The ARC-8 even has a built in PC USB sound card on channel eight to play in digital directly from your favorite PC audio software. At the same time, the Program output from the console records in digital over the USB directly to your PC recording software. Easy to install, it sports both professional balanced and consumer unbalanced input I/O jacks.

Arrakis ARC-8 Features:
• 8 input channels
• 10 total source inputs: 2 mic, 7 stereo line, 1 PC USB
• 2 high quality Mic channels (with optional 48VDC phantom power)
• 5 stereo line input channels (with both unbalanced and balanced inputs)
• Channel 8 is selectable between a PC USB sound card input & a stereo line input
• Stereo Program Mixing bus (with both balanced and unbalanced outputs)
• PC USB output of the Program bus for recording in digital direct to your PC
• Monitor, Headphone, and Cue system with External input for off air monitoring
• Cue system autocues (with Program dimming) into the Monitor & Headphone systems
• Mix minus Telephone output for interfacing with an external phone hybrid
• Conductive plastic slide faders & LED switch lamps for long life
• Talkback interface for Intercom or IFB
• For Phone in/out, please use ARC-8-SEND, and ARC-8-CALLER
• Includes DHD-Live, Live Assist Software - perfect for broadcast and internet radio applications.

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