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Arrakis SIMPLE-IP-8D

4x4 Stereo Dante AOIP 1RU - Digital



Audio over IP does not need to be complicated or expensive. With Simple IP, it brings the simplicity and value to AoIP. Connect any audio equipment using Ethernet connectivity. Need to connect to digital sources? Simple-IP 8D is your solution. It has 8 mono (4 stereo) XLR AES3 digital inputs and outputs.

Main Features:
Beauty in simplicity
Do you have two studios you want to connect? You could use complicated punch blocks and run miles of cable. Or, you can use Simple IP. With Simple IP, you connect your audio equipment to one of our Simple IP boxes. These boxes have 8in x 8out mono connections. Allowing you to connect up to 8 audio channels in and out. Or you may do 4 in and out, if you want to use stereo.

Do you have more studios, or more equipment you need to connect? No problem. Simply add more Simple IP boxes. It is that simple.

Connect any audio hardware
Simple IP works with any of our ARC or MARC series consoles. Using RJ45 inputs and outputs, you can quickly and easily connect any of our boards to Simple IP in seconds. Have other hardware or consoles you want to connect? No problem. Simply connect your hardware to Simple IP via the RJ45 inputs and outputs.

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