Arrakis XMIX14-14
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Arrakis XMIX14-14

14 Channel X-Mixer Digital Console (14 Inputs)


Arrakis XMIX14-14
Arrakis XMIX14-14Arrakis XMIX14-14
The Arrakis X-MIX-14-14 Xtreme-mixer is a powerful digital audio console that supports both analog and digital sources. Offering 14 inputs (2 analog mic, 10 analog stereo line and 2 AES-3), it features multimillion operation switches, Penny & Giles slide faders and LED illumination for all switches. Installation is quick and easy with strain-relieved connectors and a clamshell design that just flips open. It also boasts 3 mixing buses, stereo cue, monitoring for a control room and studio, plus a powerful telephone interface for on air talk shows and off-line recording and communication.

Arrakis X-MIX-14-14 Features:
• 14 inputs: 2 analog mic, 10 analog stereo line and 2 AES-3 (software assignable)
• Powerful telephone interface
• Digital IO: AES3 input & output (24bit)
• Internal Sample rate: 48kHz
• Processing resolution: 32-bit
• A/D: 24-bit, 128 x oversampled
• D/A: 24-bit, 1 bit conversion
• Latency: < 1.2msec
• Crosstalk: Pgm to Pgm, >86dB, 20-20kHz
• Digital IO: <0.001% THD, +18dBu IO, 20kHz BW
• Analog IO: <0.015% THD, +18dBu IO, 20kHz BW
• Dynamic Range: 98dB typ analog and digital
• Mic EIN: -127dBu, 150ohm, 20kHz BW
• Line EIN: -93dBu, 600ohm, 20kHz BW
• Frequency Response: +0/-0.5dB 20-20kHz
• Power: 75 watts, 100-220VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.6 amps external
• Dimensions: 7 3/8" H x 32 1/2"W x 21 1/2"D

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