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Audioarts Air 1 USB

8-Channel Audio Console with USB


AudioArts Air 1 USB
AudioArts Air 1 USBAudioArts Air 1 USBAudioArts Air 1 USB
Audioarts breaks the price barrier with this small-station console. The 8-channel Air 1 USB is exactly what you need for on-air radio, newsrooms, and even production and webcasting.

8 Input Faders - 6 Stereo Input Channels, 2 Microphone Input Channels, 2 Stereo Program Busses. Bi-directional USB Audio Port. Control Room and Headphone Monitor feeds, Selectable Control Room Monitor muting logic, Large VU meter pair with peak indicators, Internal Cue Speaker and On-Air tally display.

Also includes: Power Supply & Operation & Installation Manual.

The Air 1 USB offers a low profile in a rugged design and a small footprint to fit on any work surface. If you're looking for an affordable console, look no further, Audioarts' got you covered. BSW also has it at the lowest price in the industry. Call us for a quote today!

Audioarts Air 1 USB Features:
• Dual program buses, which can be stereo or mono sum
• Cue bus can automatically interrupt main monitor when activated
• Switched meter pair displays PGM 1, PGM 2 or EXT
• Monitor source selector: PGM 1, PGM 2 or EXT
• Separate control room monitor and headphone outputs
• Long-throw faders on inputs and monitors
• Dual, super-quiet, high performance microphone preamps
• LED illumination on all switches
• Built-in headphone amplifier with +20dB output
• ON-AIR indicator lights when an input channel is ON and assigned to PGM 1
• Bidirectional USB audio port for convenient interfacing to computers and automation systems.
• Dimensions: 20.00 in. (50.80 cm) Wide x 16.00 in. (40.65 cm) Depth x 7.00 in. (17.78 cm) High. 12 lbs (5.45 Kg)

Click here to read Radioworld's Alan R. Peterson's review of the Air 1 .

Click here for a copy of the Air 1 USB Technical Manual .

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