Henry Engineering SIXMIX
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Henry Engineering SIXMIX

USB Broadcast Console


This 10-input, 6-channel USB Broadcast Console is a compact yet fully loaded professional radio station audio mixer boasting an integral A/D + D/A digital audio codec with a USB computer interface for quick, efficient connectivity. It also offers a stereo Program mixing bus, a Mix-Minus output, a Cue bus with internal Cue speaker, and comprehensive Headphones and Monitor systems for plenty of versatility. Other features include a Talkback system, Guest Headphone facilities, and accurate audio level metering. About the size of a laptop computer, it is a powerful audio production tool that is extremely intuitive and easy to use.

SixMix accommodates 10 inputs with 6 mixing channels. Channels 1 and 2 are for microphones. Mic 1 is normally used by the console operator; Mic 2 is for a Guest announcer. Each Mic channel includes an On/Off switch and a Cough button. External microphone processing equipment, e.g., a limiter or equalizer, can be inserted using the Mic Process Insert jacks. The Talkback facility allows the console operator to converse off-air with the Guest announcer.

Channels 3 through 6 are for line-level sources, e.g., CD players and tape decks. Both professional and consumer equipment can be used. Each Line channel accepts two stereo Line sources: the “A” input is for professional equipment; the “B” input is for consumer gear. Each Line channel has an A/B Input Select switch to select the desired source. Line channels can be mixed to the main Program output, or to the Cue bus for auditioning prior to air. Input 6A is the built-in digital audio codec for recording and playback using a computer. Any O/S and software that supports USB 1.1 (or higher) can be used; no special software or drivers are needed.

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