Radio Systems RS12DRJ
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Radio Systems RS12DRJ

12 Channel Digital Console - RJ-45


The Radio Systems Millenium-D Series RS-12D is a 12-channel digital broadcast console offering 100% AES/EBU capability on every input and output as well as 10 fully programmable mix-minus outputs and a serial interface to third party equipment.

Each channel module features independent A/B inputs, three output buses, programmable cue bus, on/off channel control, soft-touch buttons, bright LED button lighting and full programmable channel logic.

Its full Monitor section features full bus monitoring, separate HP/Monitor selectors, clock/timer control, talk-back control and an eight position selector.

Install the included Millenium control software in your PC, connect to the console com port, and gain total control over hundreds of console set-up parameters. Each of 10 mix minus outputs (available analog and digital) can be user configured for a combina¬tion of any channel pre or post fader or pre or post on/off switch or A/B inputs. Every mix minus bus has a fully configu¬rable secondary set-up for automatic off-line and alternate mixes selectably triggered by channel on/off mode, GPI and front-panel selector switches. You can connect multiple consoles via a multi-drop RS-232 port for remote console setup and management of up to 99 consoles from one PC or via the Internet.

Easy to wire and service, its unique open parts and wiring layout is due to total DC and VCA control. A rugged, stand-alone power supply provides fusing and LED indication for all power rails.

The RS-12D comes with a choice of either RJ45 or 5-pin connectors. This version features RJ45 connectors.

Note: the included power supply ships separately.

Radio Systems Millenium-D RS-12D Features:
• Analog or Digital capable on every channe
• 32-bit resolution
• Sample rate conversion on every input
• All outputs available in analog or AES/EBU digital format
• 10 extra auxiliary output buses
• Up to 10 fully programmable mix-minus outputs
• Serial RS-232 interface.
• Sleek new front-panel styling

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