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X-Keys XK-8 Stick

Controller with 8 programmable, relegendable keys


X-Keys XK-8 Stick
X-Keys XK-8 StickX-Keys XK-8 Stick
X-Keys XK-8 Stick Figure 1One of our most popular X-keys. The XK-8 offers eight programmable keys to trigger macros, shortcuts, and applications, select tools or open files or directories. The low profile, slim footprint fits nicely under display monitors or above keyboards. The XK-8 provides a versatile control strip for any computer driven application.

Eight dedicated keys with addressable backlighting in a compact, low profile footprint. Also available in 4 key and 16 key versions.

Main Features:
• 8 relegendable keys
• Addressable blue backlighting for each key

• Operating System Use: Any OS via USB HID | Programming: Windows XP through 8, Mac OS X 10.4 through 10.8
• Free Programming Software Windows: MacroWorks 3.1 Mac: ControllerMate for X-keys
• Free Software Development Kits Windows (C++, C#, VB.NET) Linux (C++) Android (Java) Raw HID (any language/OS)
• Emulation Modes HID keyboard, HID mouse, HID game controller
• Switch Types Low profile tactile, guaranteed for over 1 million operations
• Number of Keys 16, 8, or 4 single keys, 1 programming slide switch
• Actuation Force Approx. 6 oz (170g) break-over, approx. 2 oz (57g) hold, audible click
• Keycaps 0.625” (16mm) sq.; relegendable with window for backlight and square stem
• Key Spacing 0.75" O.C.
• Backlighting 1 blue addressable LED under each key
• Connector Wired USB 2.0 standard “A” plug
• Cord Length 54” (1.3 m)
• Dimensions and Weight XK-16: 14.25” x 0.9”” x 0.65", (362 mm x 23 mm x 17 mm), 7 oz. (200 g) XK-8: 8.2” x 0.9”” x 0.65", (208 mm x 23 mm x 17 mm), 4 oz (115 g) XK-4: 5.35” x 0.9”” x 0.65", (136 mm x 23 mm x 17 mm) 3 oz (85 g) • USB type USB 1.1 compatible through 3.0
• Power Source USB port, nominal voltage = 5 VDC
• Power Consumption XK-16: no backlighting: 21mA, backlighting at full intensity: 32mA XK-8: no backlighting: 19mA, backlighting at full intensity: 28mA XK-4: no backlighting: 19mA, backlighting at full intensity: 26mA
• Temperature Range -20 to 60 C
• Memory Capacity Approximately 1,000 keystrokes or commands in onboard memory
• Memory Type EEPROM, non volatile memory (X-keys retains memory for over 200 years)
• Environmental Rating IP 40, typical indoor office environment
• Certifications FCC class B, CE, RoHS, WEEE compliant

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